Porsche on the road Experience in Marbella

How would you like to drive a Porsche on the Marbella road? Luxury car hire in Costa del Sol gives an interesting option to those who love to explore the region in an exotic way.

Porsche gives you a feel of both road car and a sports car. So the next time you are in Marbella, don’t forget to get the experience of driving the Porsche 911 Turbo.

Of course, it’s not a car track day. It’s only a driving experience in real condition on the roads around Marbella, Ronda road etc.

This dream car tour is an activity like no other – indeed, an experience of its own. Why drive 5 minutes on a race track when you can drive one or two hours on the road?

Why hire it for days when all you want is to enjoy the experience?

Drive the 911 Turbo on Marbella road

Experience Box brings you this original and UNIQUE driving experience: 1 or even 2 hours ON THE ROAD experience, driving the Porsche 911 Turbo, on the road.

Your instructor will come and pick you up in Marbella, then hand-over the gears to you. You will drive this supercar in real conditions, guided by your co-pilot instructor.

So, come and go with some friends or just make yourself comfortable inside this exhilarating car to have a couple of hours pleasurable time of your own in Marbella.

For further information on this all year round activity in Marbella, please click here.

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