Self-defence training for women in Marbella

The Marbella Town Hall is going to start a course of self-protection tactics (Curso de Tacticas de Autoproteccion) for young women, eying to deal with gender violence. In its first edition, this will benefit dozens of women with basic training of self-defence.

It is a joint initiative by the municipal department of equality (Igualdad) and the department of Public Safety and Emergency (Seguridad Ciudadana y Emergencias). In the first edition, as informed by the municipal delegates, 20 victims of gender violence will be given the training.

In the later edition, it will be opened for all women who are interested although the first edition is only aimed at victims of abuse. The course will focus on various dimensions of training in self defence including some very basic techniques for the victims to counter physical violence.

This is an effort to make women fearless by imparting self-confidence in them as defence technique is necessary to protect and repel aggression. The program promoted by the local administration was prepared by the Head of the Association of Volunteers and Civil Protection instructor in police techniques, and will be taught along with it by agents of the municipal body’s Group Family and Gender Violence.

Primarily, the course involves practical training which will last for nine hours to be divided in morning or afternoon shifts during a week. Here young women are going to get mastery of techniques and self defence, moreover, the sense of discipline brought through these training will further help them in other activities.

Meanwhile, the place of teaching and the days of the first workshop have not been revealed for motive of security of the own assistants. Interested candidates may visit any of the respective departments for further details.

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