Special maintenance team for Paseo Maritimo

Set in the program Marbella Social Year 2010, the City Council, in a fresh initiative, is creating a multipurpose Maintenance Unit especially to work in the Paseo Marítimo region. The Town Hall in a press statement, termed this as an attempt to keep first class tourist facilities such as the promenade in good maintenance.

It is to mention here that city’s Paseo Maritimo, or boardwalk, stretching over 6 km, is a part of Marbella’s 25 km long coastline and beaches. This sea facing tourist point is popular among tourists for palm trees, luxurious building, outdoor cafes and restaurants. Locals and tourists alike just love to stroll along the long walk lane.

As per the government plan, the maintenance unit will have a total of 10 workers among painters, masons, gardeners, plumbers and cleaners. The team will provide direct and immediate response to any incident that occurs in the zone. In addition, the welfare team will also be equipped with three electric vehicles for quick response.

The Paseo is hugely popular and has been a measure leisure spot with lovely views over the beaches and cool Mediterranean breezes. Souvenir shops, elegant cafes and small gardens keep this very crowded all round the year. Being one of the highlights of Marbella, the local authority is taking extra efforts in bring everything into place.

Meanwhile, the local governing body has also begun the installation of a system that is anti-landing and anti-nesting birds in the Church of San Pedro. The objective of the step is to change the habits of the pigeons in order to avoid their excreta continue causing damages in a historic building of great architectural value.

The cost of this scheme does not exceed 5,000 euros and will consist of the placement of some systems of vertical rods, networks of nylon and tensiometer that guarantee the integrity of the doves and they have as only function to obtain that they move away of the building to preserve their state of conservation.

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