Trip to National Parks in Andalusia

The region of Andalusia in southern Spain boasts a great range of bio diversity with beautiful landscape of mountains, valleys, lakes, river, dense forest and a long coastal belt. Such a diversified ecosystem makes home to numerous wildlife species.

Natural areas hold great cultural and ecological value, and fortunately a fifth of Andalusia land is protected from any kind of human exploitation. A visit to few of its protected areas, say national parks and biosphere reserves, is worth of your time. This proposes an adventure holiday and educational tour with all fun elements.

With the presence of a number of natural parks and protected areas, Andalusia has two national parks: Sierra Nevada and the Donana National Park; both are internationally recognised for their immense ecological wealth.

Donana National Park

El Parque Nacional de Doñana is a UNESCO world heritage site located in the provinces of Huelva and Seville. This coastal reserve at the delta of the Guadalquivir River is inhabited by numerous birds and mammals, including five endangered bird species.

Although access is very much restricted, nature lovers may take guided tours with special permission from the park authority. The best and unique part of Donana is its diversified landscape in terms of lagoons, marshes, sand dunes, pine forest and scrub woodland.

Covering an area of 543 sq. km. Donana harbours amazing variety of wildlife with more than 100 species of birds. During winter, the sight of migratory birds is all like a dream. Besides, if you are lucky enough, you may spot some Iberian Lynx – one of the most popular species in the park.

Although there are not much outdoor activities permitted inside the protected zone, you may ask your tour operator to arrange horse riding tour around the original natural area. Nevertheless, various walking paths are the best ways to explore the environs.

Sierra Nevada National Park

Falls in the province of Granada, Sierra Nevada is the second highest mountain range in the entire Europe, which is now declared a protected area and a national park.

With diverse plant, birds and animal species, the areas of the park demanded highest degree of protection and hence its well-deserved status of a World Heritage Site (Natural) in Andalusia.

With the variedness in ecological micro climate and landscape, Sierra Nevada National Park has a great verity of flora and fauna. The park area – clothed with Iberian mountain pine, the evergreen Holm oak, elm, chestnut, daphne, Mediterranean orchids and linarias among others – forms a perfect home to numerous birds and animal species.

A guided tour inside the park will surely give you an opportunity to spot some of the rarest species. Most commonly found species are of the Spanish Ibex, wild boar, cat, weasel, genet along with the birdlife of Alpine accentor, wheatear, rock bunting, raptors among others.

Private activity organisers in Sierra Nevada offer ice climbing day course with experts climbers. Besides, the area is also one of the nicest places for skiing which sports one of the longest skiing seasons in Europe. You may contact your tour operator for further information on skiing and ice climbing in Sierra Neveda.

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