Anchovies Fillets by Nardin

Conservas Nardin, based in Cantabria, produces this exceptional quality anchovies, hand packed in olive oil. Treated with vinegar and drizzled with olive oil, as the usual process, these have a very strong flavour.

Nardin is a small generations old family company known for the excellent quality of its seafood. The producer prides itself on the high quality raw ingredients used in their products.

These particular anchovies fish fillets, preserved in olive oil, are made in the artisan tradition with no preservatives or additives, which keeps its natural savour with a moist texture and mild flavour.

These salt and oil preserved anchovies are served on sliced bread with cheese and piquillo peppers or tomatoes, or you just bring them as the centerpiece of a salad. Of course, they are such delicious anchovies that they may not ever make it to the salad!

Anchovies are abundant in the Mediterranean region and Nardin is based in Cantabria and has a close relationship with the Port of Getaria. Nardin is present when the fishing boats arrive at the port to unload their catch – guaranteeing the quality of the fish.

Fishing is done only in season and Nardin purchases their seafood only from approved boats. All anchovies used are more than 2 years old.

The anchovies were surface caught on the Bay of Biscay using ring nets that only skim the surface of the sea.

  • Exceptional quality anchovies
  • All natural, no preservatives
  • No added colors or preservatives
  • Tender and fresh-tasting