Sliced Salchichon Iberico de Bellota

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Item Code: E-CZ-41
Appx Weight: 100 grams, 3.5 Oz Sliced
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The sliced spicy Salchichon Bellota-grade hard sausage pack of 40 x 100g is a great addition to the delicious list of Spanish sausages available in the food market. This particular bellota sausage is made from the native black-footed pigs fed on acorns.

Scrumptiously spicy, these Salchichon pork sausages are delivered to you by the producer Pedro Lancho for easy tapa preparation. Blended with pepper and other seasoning, Salchichon sausages are the finest of quality made from the mountain-bred Iberico pigs.

The producer has a long tradition of making authentic Spanish jamon and this special bulk package of Spanish bellota sausages are for chefs and restaurants.  It is an artisan product produced by Encinar de Cabezón is for the person of discernment.

Curing process of Salchichon Bellota

The producer carefully follows the traditional methods of breeding and monitoring a very small herd of Iberico pigs to produce an extraordinary series of products. Producer Lancho, upon inheriting his grandfather’s finca, decided to make no compromises in producing the finest jamon iberico.

Studying at the University of Cáceres under the world’s leading expert on cerdo iberico, Dr Antonio Gáquez, Sr Lancho approaches the breeding and production with the intellectual precision and exactitude required in his former profession as a civil engineer. With his son Jorge he produces a remarkable product the likes of which you have never tasted before.

Salchichon Bellota-grade sausages are extremely of limited production; however, you may order your delivery at La Tienda shop.

  • Lean pork from native black-footed pigs fed on acorns
  • Marinated in traditional seasonings and dry-cured
  • Sliced by producer for easy enjoyment
  • Special bulk package for chefs and restaurants