Ascari Race Track Drift Adrenaline

If you had never driven a racing machine, the Ascari race track in Ronda is the right place to add more fun and excitement to your Costa del Sol holidays. This is all a unique package of track day or motor racing in one of the most picturesque cities of Andalucia.

Adrenaline seekers, who are always of the dream to experience the feel of a supercar, this extreme co-piloting experience is the perfect one. While seating alongside a professional formula one driver, you will certainly feel like a professional pilot for a while.

Qualified pilot ensure the highest level of adrenaline as the Ascari race track seems endless. Of course, the objective is to put the car to its limit and let you feel the real experience of driving and racing on a world-class racing track.

Have a ride on Ascari race track

In collaboration with RS academy club, Experience Box Spain bring you an opportunity to have a ride on the famous Ascari race track in Ronda, not far from other Costa del Sol towns – including Marbella. Here at the Ascari race track, you will be a guest passenger of one of the qualified pilots.

Racing Drift at Ascari race track

Ascari is the longest tack in Spain with a length of 5.425 m and you will enjoy this exciting track with 26 corners (13 left and 13 right) and incredible cambers and slopes (a mix of all the best tracks worldwide).

So, why enjoy a track day only in one supercar, when Ascari race track offers you the opportunity to experience several ones, like the Ferrari 430 Challenge (race prepared), the Caterham R500 Superlight, Porsche GT3 RS and even an Ascari KZ1 GT3 car (pure racing car).

Located in a place of unparalleled natural beauty in the south of Spain, the track is well designed for the sheer enjoyment of motor enthusiasm. For any further information, please contact the organiser by clicking here and reserve your track day at Ascari race track.

Extreme co-piloting experience at Ascari race track

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