Best time to Visit Costa del Sol

Costa del SolAs we all know Costa del Sol is an amazing holiday destination in Spain and rightly so, as it is all blessed with a year round pleasant weather in company with a great range of travel interest.

Contrary to the literary meaning of the name “Coast of the Sun”, there is much more in the list as far as tourism is concerned.

Costa del Sol and Marbella boast more than 300 sunny days, and it’s ideal for travellers who want to take a trip during any season. However, if one asks for the best time to visit the Coast, it is largely depends on which part or resort you are visiting, nevertheless each season has its own charm.

Summer & Winter in Costa del Sol

Beachgoers, who flock here for the crystal clear Mediterranean water and blue-flag beaches, may visit the coast anytime of the year. The summer season runs largely from April to August and temperature is quite lovely and warmth.

In case, you are not that keen on to be exposed to the sun, avoid the August month when the temperature might climb up to 30 degrees C. Yes, during the high summer months, temperature can get really high although it’s not that irksome as the cooling sea breeze makes the summer bearable.

The best thing in the Costa del Sol region of southern Spain, including Marbella, is the weather forecast i.e. very reliable. And this is because of the climate of Iberian Peninsula, generally stable.

If you want a winter break in Costa del Sol, January is the coldest month and average temperature ranges between 12-18 degrees C (54-64°F). This is the time when resorts towns like Marbella get jam-packed with crowds in escape from heat of other parts of Europe.

The colour of Autumn in Costa del Sol

Autumn, late September and October, is the time more soothing than any other time if you are more into a relaxing holiday outside the traditional summer holidays.

This is also the time when you will find the beaches less crowded and surroundings more beautiful with colourful gardens.

All in all, whatever season you prefer, it’s certain that you will have a great holiday on the Costa del Sol. So, there’s every reason to make it your next vacation spot.

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