Excursion to Tangier, Morocco

Excursion to TangierAn excursion to Tangier (or Tangiers), away from the coastline of Costa del Sol gives you an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beauty of this beautiful multicultural Moroccan town.

For those who are in the Costa del Sol resort town Marbella and want to travel further as their day excursion to the surrounding areas, Tangier is a great place to extend your holidays in Marbella.

Situated at the cross roads of Africa and Europe, Tangier is one of the oldest cities of the kingdom of Morocco in northwest Africa. Today, it is recognised as a beautiful Mediterranean resort town and a hot spot for international tourists and day visitors from Spain and Gibraltar.

Interestingly, the town also borders to the West by the Atlantic Ocean. Marbella excursion to Tangier also offers lovely beaches with great settings. Apart from the Tangier town beach, there are several Atlantic beaches to the west with views from the barren mountains.

On your excursion to Tangier, you will get to witness a number of old buildings at the historic quarter of the city. Romans had made it the capital city while it was occupied by Arabs for a long time and even invaded by Vandals and Visigoths.

Besides, you will have a good chance to taste some authentic Moroccan cuisine. Almost all Moroccan dishes are richly flavoured with the use of a variety of herbs and spices. Of course, the gastronomy of this part of world is greatly influenced by many cultures going by its history.

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Experience Box Spain in association with local travel companies, organises Marbella excursion to Tangier. You can join this fantastic trip to Morocco from all over the Costa del Sol.

You will be collected on a bus stop on the N340 and travel along the coast to Algeciras, where you embark to cross the Straits of Gibraltar to Morocco.

On arrival in Tangier, you will be guided to an extensive visit of this typical Moroccan town, including the Kasbah which is full of narrow busy streets and Islamic monuments.

This excursion to Tangier includes lunch in an Arab restaurant, before then we embark again for Spain and we continue our return voyage to the hotel or place of stay.

Anyone willing to make an organised one day Marbella excursion to Tangier, Morocco, please click here.

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