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If you’re expecting a baby soon, or perhaps you’ve recently had one, and you feel tired, and you could do with a bit of support? Did you know that there’s someone nearby who’d be delighted to help?

Jane Stevens has been living in Spain since 2005. She’s always loved babies, and has two children and two young grandchildren, so she therefore understands just how tiring it is being a new Mum, and how a helping hand can make all the difference at this special time!

After many years of helping family and friends with their babies, Jane discovered that she could turn something she’d always loved into a career, and she recently completed a “Birth and Postnatal Doula” course in the UK with Nurturing Birth. She’s also completed a Paediatric First Aid Course and is a member of Doula UK.

Jane told us, “Many British people haven’t heard of the word “Doula”, which is a Greek word meaning “woman servant” or “caregiver”. It refers to an experienced woman who offers emotional and practical support to a woman before, during and after childbirth.”

Jane explained that the difference between an old fashioned maternity nurse, and a postnatal doula, is that a maternity nurse focuses solely on the needs of the baby, whereas a doula aims to “mother the mother”, and ensure that her needs are met, as well as supporting her as she learns how to adapt to life with a new baby.

Most of Jane’s work involves living with families when Mum comes home from hospital with her baby, and doing whatever is necessary to ensure that mum can catch up with her sleep, whilst helping to ensure that the household runs smoothly. Jane has a flexible approach to her work, and is happy to help you establish breastfeeding, entertain an older brother or sister, help with the ironing, or take sole charge of baby while you grab some precious rest.

“There’s a lot to learn over the first few weeks – and overdoing things can take its toll physically. It takes about six weeks to recover from the birth and get breastfeeding established. Rushing through that period can leave you exhausted, increasing the chance of problems from infections to postnatal depression”, Jane explained.

“Babies are not textbook, and it can take time to master things like nappy-changing and the introduction of a new daily routine. It’s common to feel out of control at first”, Jane says. “The only way to get through it is to throw your usual routine out of the window and focus on learning to care for your new arrival and understanding their needs. Needless to say, this process takes twice as long if you’re trying to combine it with cooking, cleaning and entertaining.”

Since completing her courses Jane has worked with a number of mothers including one whose precious baby was conceived as a result of IVF treatment, another whose baby was born seven weeks premature, and she’s currently working with a mother who lives on the Costa Tropical in Spain.

If you’d like to know more, take a look at her website,, or email her on

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