Tandem paragliding in Southern Spain

The beautiful landscape of Andalucia makes it a fantastic destination for adventure sports lovers to experience paragliding in southern Spain. These days a paragliding tour is quite common among holidaymakers to Costa del Sol.

Whether it’s the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the Granada province, the vast inland and Atlantic beaches of Tarifa in the Cadiz province and even the Costa del Sol resort town of Marbella, Estepona, and other surrounding areas, paragliding brings a unique choice for windsurfers and paragliders alike.

Moreover, the unique weather condition, which remains quite soothing in the summer months with no such cloudy days in all the year, further makes these exhilarating sports of parasailing and paragliding in southern Spain an interesting recreation option.

Considering the popularity of paragliding in southern Spain, you will find a number of professional parasailing schools with experienced team of instructors. Beginners can take lessons and safety briefs before getting into few hours of exceptional flying experience.

Experience paragliding in southern Spain

Paragliding holidays in southern Spain

Experience Box Spain has teamed up with a professional parasailing school in Andalucía to bring you this original flying experience gift. This is a unique opportunity to fly in Southern Spain and enjoy the beautiful views from the sky, in a complete silence.

In 20-minute flight duration, you will fly with a professional pilot to catch picturesque beauty of the long coastline, the magnificent mountain range, and natural parkland of Andalucia. Absolutely, you will fly like a bird and forget about everything during your vacation days with an incredible experience.

Paragliding is an ideal holiday activity in your visit to this part of Spain. More information on paragliding in southern Spain can be obtained here.

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