Sliced Paleta Iberico by Redondo Iglesias

Paleta Iberico is indeed one of the best items in Spanish food culture with distinct earthy flavours and lovely aromatic overtones. Redondo Iglesias brings a great selection of sliced Paleta Iberico for your taste.

Redondo Iglesias’ cured paleta (front shoulder) of the incredible Iberico pig has all the traditional Spanish delicacy.

The paleta or shoulder of the Iberico pig, just like the Jamon Iberico de Bellota, is one of the supreme luxuries of the meat world.

  • Thinly sliced ‘pata negra’
  • Paleta, front shoulder
  • Very similar to jamon, but less expensive
  • Serve at room temperature

Curing process of Paleta Iberico

The curing of Paleta Iberico almost took over a year and then thinly sliced and packaged, ready to be enjoyed in your home.

Because the paleta is smaller than the jamon (back leg) it takes much less time to cure, and therefore has a better price. This is also more affordable than the acorn-fed, free range Iberico de Bellota version.

Redondo Iglesias produces some finest Serrano Ham as well as a good selection of paleta that are hand-cured by the experts. Paleta Iberico is served at room temperature with a glass of dry wine or fino sherry.


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