Jamon Serrano Bodega – Reserva, by Fermin

Jamon Serrano is the star of Spanish cuisine and the Serrano de Bodega is the finest traditional pork ham. This semi-fat Serrano Bodega Reserva is quite common in Spanish kitchen.

Jamones Y Embutidos Fermin brings you true Jamon Serrano cured in the traditional fashion in the medieval mountain town of La Alberca. It has its unique flavour and aroma considering a different breed of pig, area of production, and the age-old curing process.

This Jamon Serrano Bodega comes from animals that were born in the region of Salamanca in western Spain. They were raised humanely in the mountains, and spent much of their lives outdoors on Spanish pasture land.

Characteristics of Jamon Serrano Bodega

  • True Spanish mountain ham from free-range white pigs
  • Traditional Bodega-cured Jamón Serrano
  • Approx. wt.7.5 Kilos – 16.5 lb bone-in whole ham
  • Vacuum Packed and Gift Wrapped

The curing process of the Fermin Jamon Serrano is completely traditional. Here, the hams are salted, then cured in drying rooms with open screened windows for 18-20 months, caressed by mountain air as it wafts through the area where the hams are hung.

The result is a plump, deep-red jamon with a complex flavour and a mild saltiness. Mount this ham in a special holder and it will be a centerpiece of any gathering. Serve this quality jamon serrano to your guests and they will rave about its flavour – the flavour of the mountains of Spain.


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