Uncertainty prevails on the future of Marbella Arch

The dismantle of San Pedro Arch – used to mark the entrance of Marbella from the south – due to the construction of the underpass A-7 highway, has raised public eyebrows. Although all parts of this great structure are carefully kept, in case the Town Hall decided to rebuild the structure, the future of Marbella arch is still not clear.

It was the administration of Mayor Don Jesus Gil of the political party ‘GIL’ (Grupo Independiente Liberal) that in the year 1991 constructed two staggeringly beautiful white marble arches: one at the entrance from Malaga and other at the western point, approaching the town San Pedro de Alcantara. These were built to give a boost to the elegant and stylish image of Marbella.

These two mammoth arcades certainly later represented as emblems of Marbella; however, many also see these as symbol of then corruption prone GIL era. The reason for the removal of the arch as given by the Spanish government is safety and serious danger it may cause to passing traffic.

Presently, it’s up to the Town Hall, now ruled by the PP (Partido Popular), whether to bring back the structure or not. The councillor though asserts that if it was not for the excavation for the underpass, the arch would have been in its place.

Anyways, whatever the final outcome, the arch which was constructed with some €720,000 has had more significance in the life of commons and, of course, to the identity of the city. The government has made no official comment on the demolition or whether both arcades should be removed or not.

Going by the sentiments of people in Marbella, photographer Gary Edwards has launched a campaign “Save the Marbella Arch”. He writes in the facebook campaign page: “The Marbella Arch has been loved by residents and visitors since the early 1990’s. It is part of the history of the city and fans of this page agree it should be here in the 2090’s and beyond.”

“The Marbella Arch is an icon of Marbella. It is THE largest monument and it should stay where it is,” he further writes.

Due to political reasons, the City Council doesn’t come openly against the arches but it would really be interesting to see the final decision of Marbella Town. Moreover, the municipal government will also look into the cost of repair and reconstruction of the arches. As of now, only uncertainty prevails all around.

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