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Heather FloodOur Marbella People Interview today is with Heather Flood – Published Author. Heather is the author of the book “Snowwhere” and first visited Spain in 1984. Although returning between 1987 and 1990, Heather and her partner decided to move back to Spain again in 2005.

How long have you lived in Spain and how long is your business established?

Heather Flood: I first arrived in Spain 1984, remained for a year and a half, went back to UK and gave birth to twins, returned 1987 and stayed until 1990.  With the twins grown up, my partner and I then came back to Spain last year – 2005. My business – if you can call it that – is writing.

Why did you choose Marbella?

Heather Flood: Originally Marbella chose us – jobs at an International school. We got the bug, though.

Tell us your greatest business or personal accomplishment?

Heather Flood: Managing to have a book published.

Why would you recommend the Costa del Sol for business and Lifestyle?

Heather Flood: I think I would recommend the Costa del Sol because it is still a beautiful place, and there is a certain vitality. It is possible to accomplish things here.

If you could change one thing about Spain, what would it be?

Heather Flood: That is hard. But I think I would like to see all expats speaking Spanish!

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Heather Flood: I think I am idealistic, but adaptable, and an extrovert

What is your favourite Restaurant in Marbella?

Heather Flood: Mumtaz in Puerto Banus

What is the last film you saw at the Cinema or DVD?

Heather Flood: The Wind That Shook the Barley

What advice would you give to someone moving to Spain?

Heather Flood: Guard against just replicating your old life but in a sunny location.

Name one other business you would recommend on the Costa del Sol and why?

Heather Flood: SAM (Soluciones Al Mercado) As intermediaries I have found them to be very trustworthy people who negotiate a good price for homeowners in the following areas: Security, Telephone services, Community Management. Soon they will be doing Solar Panels.

My new novel ‘Snowwhere’ for readers aged approx 10 – 13 – is an adventure set in the snow.

My website is www.snowwherethebook.com

The book is on sale on www.lulu.com. Amazon.com, barnesandnoble and on the Waterstones website. Several local bookstores now stock it.

Meanwhile, for a limited period, I have some signed copies hot off the presses which I can sell direct for 11€. Anyone interested needs to contact me at heatherflood@hotmail.com.

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