Kids Fun Areas around Marbella

Other than those scenic sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife, the Costa del Sol resort town Marbella and surrounding areas offer few attractions and activities for a complete family holiday package.

For those who are searching for tranquil places on the coast and that to where they can spend quality time with their kids, there are a good number of places, including amusement parks, child friendly beaches and nature parks.

Here is a look at some of those nicest places to enjoy a wonderful weekend with your kids.

Beaches for Kids in Marbella

The southern coastline of Spain, particularly Costa del Sol, is one of favourite holiday spots for many visiting this part of world. Although there are many beaches, equipped with modern facilities, suitable for vacation – there are only few worthy for children.

Talking about the areas in and around Marbella, the Guadalmina Beach in Marbella, Cristo Beach in Estepona, and Hippo Beach in El Rosario are open for family holidays with child-friendly environment.

For kids, there are designated play areas, game equipments and other facilities for your kids to have their fun time playing and making friends, while you yourself may try various other activities like paddling, swimming, and snorkelling, among others.

Bio Parks near Marbella

Nature and wildlife parks are other interesting places for kids for both amusements and education purposes. The Selwo Adventure Park, located in the Estepona hill, proposes you an excellent family day out with its recreated natural habitat, for over 2,000 species of birds and animals, and children activities.

The Fuengirola Bio Park or Zoo is another fantastic place for your kids with several species of animals and birds. A day in a zoo is a fantastic way for children to see exotic animals in their natural habitat while getting involved in various fun activities.

Among others, there is the Selwo Marina in Benalmádena – famous for its dolphin aquarium, and the SEA LIFE Centre – a fascinating place where you will find amazing variety of marine life. Here Kids have a chance to indulge themselves in various fun and interactive activities like: games, face painting, interactive talks and much more!

So, enjoy an unforgettable experience with your kids as you explore the wonderful sea creatures of the marine world of SEA LIFE Benalmadena.

Other than these, the Crocodile Park Torremolinos is also another choice for a guided tour which offers some amazing time with your kids.

Amusement Parks around Marbella

Coming to the amusement parks, the Tivoli World is considered as a first-rate attraction for all the family holidaymakers. This is probably the largest amusement park on the coast (in Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmadena) with fun rides, folklore dances, and many more activities.

With its wonderful setting of tropical gardens, enchanting plazas and luminous fountains, this one near Marbella is a must visit place which has something for everyone.

Besides, the Kids Kingdom in Estepona is the largest indoor play centre on the Costa del Sol. Although some may find it loud and chaotic, many find it a must try for all excitement, thrill and fun- an amusement park has to offer.

Hence, the chicness of Marbella or Costa del Sol is not limited to those beaches, marinas, night clubs or luxury villas; it has many more things on offer for a complete family holiday with several ideal places and travel attractions for kids.

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