An Evening with Holistic Psychologist Susan Phoenix in Marbella

An Evening with Susan Phoenix is being held on Tuesday the 25th of October from 7.15pm until 8.45pm in Marbella.

About Susan Phoenix:

Susan Phoenix is an holistic psychologist and intuitive who uses aura photography and healing energy. She was an experienced psychologist for the deaf community in Ireland and Europe and worked with teenagers and pre-school children in Northern Ireland for many years. Her earlier training was as a military nurse and youth worker.

The death of her husband became a catalyst for her to research complimentary therapies for the treatment of depression across the world. By using ancient healing techniques and the power of mind, body and soul over personal growth she became committed to sharing the non-chemical path to wholeness and renewed happiness.

Susan Phoenix now writes and travels around the world to raise awareness of the individual soul’s healing powers.

Susan holds a doctorate in Psychology and has worked throughout Europe with deaf people and their families. She has developed a reputation for her down to earth to earth passion for communication as a pioneer for deaf family dynamics and language development. More recently she has helped people to re-discover their own peace and happiness.

For more information, please email to reserve your space for this very special evening.

The entry charge for An Evening with Susan Phoenix is 8 euros and the evening will cover everything from meditation and angels to energies and auras.

For more information about Susan Phoenix, please visit her website:

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