Animal Charity CHAIN Festive Evening Gathering

CHAIN, the local animal charity, are having a festive get-together at their shop in Coin on November 25th from 7pm-9pm with drinks, nibbles and music.

CHAIN, launched in February 2009, is a non-profit making registered charity that has been set up to help all registered animal charities and refuges and any other animal related worthy causes. They mainly operate across the Malaga province and within the Animal Network in Andalucia.

All of those involved in CHAIN are volunteers and give up their time to help with this great cause. Infact, this get-together is being held mainly to thank their supporters and volunteers for their hard work and dedication.

CHAIN helps abused and neglected animals in the area by raising funds for vet fees, medication, vaccinations, transportation, food and other vital supplies. They do this by raising support amongst the community to help with building projects fundraising, etc. and raising awareness of animal issues such as the need for fostering and adoption. The largest percentage of their funds goes towards veterinary services, especially neutering, as they see this as the most effective way of resolving local animal problems.

Working in collaboration with other animal organisations and through shared resources and partnerships they can benefit more animals.

If you would like to know more about adopting an animal, or would like advice on adoption issues please contact Kelly: -34 672 399 323 or email:

Where is CHAIN?

CHAIN is located on the ground floor in the La Trocha Commercial Centre in Coin.

For more information on CHAIN, please visit their website for further details:

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