Cagemania Bust Up In Banus

Cagemania-Logo-for-FB Cagemania Bust Up In Banus is set for Saturday 31st March at the palacio Congresos in Marbella.

This even presents some of the fiercest cage fighters in Europe to battle it out in the octagon cage for your entertainment.

There will be a professional European Title defence with Mark Platts (Current European Champion) takes on Max Henchy from Team Draculino in Marbella.

There will be a mix of kickboing K1 and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) bouts sothere will be something to suit everybody┬┤s interests.

We will also have a special Guest at the event to hand out trophies to these professional athletes.

The U.F.C. fighter Che Mills will be in Marbella, so why not come along and meet Che Mills and see an evening of fantastic entertainment.

Tickets are from only 20 Euros and for tickets or more information call 635 068 806 or visit

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