Discover your Healing Journey with Doris Muna

Discover your Healing Journey! Marbella Healing Circle is organzing a talk with a very special guest from California, Doris Muna, who will be showing you how to de-stress and increase your energy levels. The talk will be taking place on the 9th August at 6:30pm at Restaurante Amapola in Marbella.

About Doris Muna:

Doris Muna is an energy healing practitioner, consultant and international instructor. She is the founder of Dorothea Healing Essences, a member of the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association of America as a certified practitioner and instructor. Doris started using energy healing 20 years ago on friends and family and later started her practice. Doris uses a combination of the three systems of energy healing and meridian chakra system and flower essences including remedies from nature.

Doris Muna is fortunate to have lived in many parts of the world, including Lebanon, Greece, England, Dubai, Qatar and now the USA. This mix of cultural values and experiences has helped Doris open her mind and spirit to alternative healing. Her outlook is simple. Deal with the causes rather than placating the symptoms.

Attend this talk with Doris Muna to learn:

• How to increase your energy
• How to keep your environment stress free
• And much more!

To reserve your space for this interesting talk with Doris Muna, please email:

Everyone is welcome to stay on for refreshments and/ or dinner and for a personal one to one conversation with Doris.
Cost: Donations gratefully received.

For more information on Doris, please see her website at

Restaurante Amapola
C/Ortega y Gasset
Marbella Centre


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