Fuengirola Pop Weekend

The 4th edition of Fuengirola Pop Weekend is taking place on the weekend of the 29th and 30th of July on the beach next to Bikini Beach Restaurant in Fuengirola.

The Fuengirola Pop Weekend features diverse bands from the local Indie world of music performing a range of cool styles such as soul, rock and a various range of pop music.

Fuengirola Pop Weekend Program:

Friday 29 July:

* 21:15 Mike & The Knights
* 22:00 Los Immediatos
* 23:00 The Imperial Surfers
* 00:00 Al Supersonic & The Teenagers
Guest DJs: Mané Barquero / José Costello / Clubman

Saturday 30 July:

* 21:15 Freddie & The Filos
* 22:00 The Runarounds
* 23:00 Feedbacks
* 00:15 AIRBAG
Guest DJs: Dani Pelukinda / Toni Fontana / Doobie Brothers

Ticket Information:

* Friday 29 July: 15€ in advance or 20€ on the door.
* Saturday 30 July: 20€ in advance or 25€ on the door.

Fuengirola Pop Weekend Sales Points:

Fuengirola: Mod Café, Europhoe, La Tienda, Superskunk
Marbella: El Katalonia
Malaga: Discos Candilejas, Cinco Echegaray, SuperSkunk

Fuengirola Pop Weekend was founded in the summer of 2008 with the idea of creating a festival that specializes in promoting music and pop culture in general from the International and Spanish music scene.

For more information on the Fuengirola Pop Weekend, please email: info.fpw@gmail.com

Fuengirola Pop Weekend will be starting at 9:15pm on both days at the weekend and finishing after midnight. The Bikini Beach Restaurant is located just below the castle Sohail in Fuengirola with easy access.

For more details on the Fuengirola Pop Weekend and tickets sales points, please visit the website: www.fuengirolapop.com


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