Marbella Feria 2013

marbella-feria-2013This year, 2013, the Marbella feria is being held from 9th of June until 15th of June 2013 to celebrate San Bernabé.

There will be a special day of celebration on Sunday 26th of May with activities and processions starting at 0830hrs until 1900 hrs.

To see the Feria Schedule in English Click Here

To see the Official Feria Schedule in Spanish click here

OK….Just who is Saint Bernabé?

According to the Biblical legend, Saint Bernabé gave money to the Apostles for them to give to the poor. His original name was Joseph, but the new name given by the Apostles means “he who makes an effort” or “he who encourages others”.

So, the people of Marbella celebrate San Bernabé by way of a weeks long celebration (commonly known as a feria) every year and is a big part of the social and religious calendar and the festivities range from processions, outdoor parties, dance shows, music concerts and of course, some bullfighting.

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