Marbella Healing Circle at Sonrisa Studios

Marbella Healing Circle will hold the next Circle on Tuesday 24th May from 7.15pm until 8.45pm at Sonrisa Studios in Marbella.

The host for Marbella Healing Circle is Artist and Spiritual Life Coach Joy Fahey who will be talking about Thinking and Believing.

Marbella Healing Circle – Thinking & Believing

Thinking determines everything we do and everything we are. We have all heard the saying ‘As you think so you are’. What we believe has developed through our experiences and our thoughts and response about those experiences. We have patterns of behaviour instilled in us from our parents, our environment, and our education that structures our thoughts and beliefs. Some of those patterns serve us, however some of them don’t.

They could be based on fear, anxiety, worry – or perhaps something even more essential to who we are? Changing the patterns and thoughts we don’t want holds the key to our health, wealth and happiness.

Through a process of meditation, affirmations and hypnosis we can move into the subconscious mind and change the patterns of negative beliefs and exchange them into positive and productive ones.

About Joy Fahey:

Joy has been working in the field of personal growth, self-understanding and healing for many years. Her late father, a leading psychiatrist, was a pioneer of regression therapy in the 1950’s and was instrumental in changing the attitudes of the medical profession to looking at therapy in a new light that we see the benefits of today.

Inspired by her father’s work, Joy brings together her own experiences and is passionate about helping people reach their true potential in every area of their lives.

As well as hosting the Marbella Healing Circle, Joy runs workshops, art therapy classes and a meditation group as well as working with individual clients. ‘It’s wonderful to see how people’s lives change when they understand and feel the process working’ says Joy. ‘Miracles really happen!’

You can read more about her work at

The Marbella Healing Circle kindly asks for a donantion of a minimum of 8 euros to contribute towards the room charge and admin.

To book your space and for more information on the Marbella Healing Circle, please email:

Marbella Healing Circle

Sonrisa Studios

49 Ricardo Soriano



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