Marbella Healing Circle with Mark Bajerski – International Psychic & Healer

Mark BajerskiThe next Marbella Healing Circle will be taking place on Tuesday the 7th June at 7.15pm with Mark Bajerski – International Psychic and Healer.

About Mark Bajerski:

Mark Bajerski, aka The Accidental Psychic, is one of the most gifted psychics and healers on the coast. An amazing array of powerful psychics, mediums and healers flocked into his life to teach him his gifts. Since then he has helped thousands of people across the Globe including record producers, Hollywood film directors, publishers, singers, film stars, TV celebrities, authors, journalists, and TV presenters to other psychics and healers.

Along with his TV appearances, Mark Bajerski is a regular guest on many International radio shows and he writes for a host of magazines about his magical psychic adventures. Mark lives and works in the ‘heart’, which is immediately evident to anyone who steps into his energy.

Working daily, Mark Bajerski has a gift which reaches new levels of psychic and healing abilities, and day by day, he touches many people’s souls with his kind, loving and deeply understanding ways. It is proving to be magical for many.

Mark develops his abilities by hands-on work and has developed a new system of psychic readings. He has also developed a new and very powerful ‘Energy Healing System’ called PURE.

Mark insists on just a first name when booking appointments to eliminate doubts that the information you receive could have been gathered before your reading.

For more information and Bookings for the Marbella Healing Circle, please email:

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