My N*de Valentine @ Rogue Space|Chelsea – Mijas Costa to New York City!

From the secluded beauty of Mijas Costa, two images are winging their way to the fabulously exciting New York City in February for an exhibition entitled My N*de Valentine @ Rogue Space|Chelsea.

About My N*de Valentine @ Rogue Space|Chelsea:

Breaking away from the comfort and tranquility of Mijas Costa, Stick Woman 2 and Antonia – standing will brave the sub-zero elements that are New York City in early February.

My N*de Valentine @ Rogue Space|Chelsea consists of two small watercolour paintings that have enjoyed a measure of success on the Internet and that will now make their “Brick and Mortar” debut on the 9th floor in the Garment District of Manhattan at 526 West 26th Street in New York City!

Will they enjoy greater success when they get there? Will some smart American of mixed African American/Jewish/Irish extraction snap them up and launch their creator into the rather heady atmosphere that is the US of Art or will there be a return journey to relative oblivion?

From the 10th until the 13th, February will tell its own story!

BUT, you have until February the 6th to see them live here on the Costa del Sol in Mijas before they travel half way around the world with the My N*de Valentine @ Rogue Space|Chelsea exhibition!

Please call: +34 952 592 652 for an appointment to view. If they safely make it back from New York City then you can see also them until the end of March.

For more information on the My N*de Valentine @ Rogue Space|Chelsea exhibition, please visit the website:

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