Nutrition Workshop on the Costa del Sol

On Monday, the 22nd of August from 11am to 5pm, a Nutrition Workshop with Suzanne Le Quesne is taking place at Restaurante Amapola in Marbella.

The Nutrition Workshop will be a fun and very informative day in which to identify your own nutritional deficiencies, your dietary strengths and weaknesses.

The Nutrition Workshop Programme:

11am registration with herbal teas!

Introduction to Optimum Nutrition with lots of interaction! – Personal introductions, what is optimum nutrition?

The Macro Nutritents – fats, proteins, carbohydrates. Balancing your diet. How to prevent osteoporosis. Your Deadly Bread

The Micro Nutrients – vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, essential oils taken internally – assessing your personal status

Healthy Lunch!

How to Improve Digestion and Absorption

Candida – Assessing and reducing your risk

Boosting immunity and hormone balance

Building your optimum nutrition programme – Your persona optimum supplement programme, When, How and Which supplements

Zinc Taste Testing – to assess zinc status, Vit C Taste Testing, Wheat Grass tasting, Aloe Vera Tasting

On the day of the Nutrition Workshop you will be completing an Optimum Nutrition Questionnaire to identify your own specific strengths and weaknesses.

In another section you will have your energy levels checked, (glucose tolerance profile), a stress check (checking your adrenal condition), an exercise check, an immune system check, a pollution check, a heart check and also a female/male health check.

There is also a Diet Analysis check and a food diary to be completed and discussed. Suzanne will be advising on foods to avoid and to increase for your own specific results.

The cost is 59 euros through Paypal or email for cash payments.

Spaces are limited for the Nutrition Workshop. Please email: to book your place as soon as possible.

C./Ortega y Gasset l. 87
29600 Marbella

For more information on the Nutrition Workshop, please visit: 

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