Oriental Dance Festival Marbella

Marbella brings an incredible opportunity for all dance lovers in Andalucía to be a part of one of the best oriental dance festivals – IV Velada de Oriente – starting from Friday 27th August at Marbella historic centre.

In its fourth edition, this oriental dance festival in Marbella will be led by dancer Sylvia Shazady, while an ensemble of artists will perform various dance forms in this three-day long event. A number of national and international dance companies will present their creation in the event.

The festival will kick off on Friday with a performance titled ‘Alquimia Show’ at 19:00 hours in the Plaza de la Victoria, followed by another performance at 22:00 hours in Plaza de la Iglesia titled the ‘Evolution Show’.

On Saturday 28th, various dance classes will be offered at the Colegio Monsenor Rodrigo Bocanegra by Morgan (at 11.00 am), Victoria Ivanova (at 1 pm), Anisa Saghira (at 4.30 pm). The day of Oriental Dance Festival finally ends with an ‘Oriental Night Party’ at La Nouba Bar.

On the final day of Oriental Dance Festival Marbella, Sunday 29th, the festival continues with dance classes and workshops taught by Anisa Saghira at 10.30 am, Morgan 12.30 pm, and Sylvia Shazadi on 4.30 pm.

The IV Marbella Oriental Dance Festival will come to its conclusion with a spectacular show at the city theatre Teatro Ciudad de Marbella titled ‘Absenta’, performed by Morgana & Excalibur Dance Company in what will be the first performance in Andalusia in its international tour.

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