Paradise Musik & SOS presents SOS Radio Birthday Party in Marbella


Paradise Musik & SOS presents SOS RADIO BIRTHDAY PARTY at OH YOKO in Marbella Port on the 30th April from midnight!

Paradise Musik & SAVE OUR SOUL team up again for what promises to be a night of slick deep house music. Fresh from a marathon Easter weekender of Paradise Musik parties, DJ Tito Pulpo & DJ Karma join forces again to present SOS RADIO’s first birthday party.

SOS, now in its 3rd year, goes from strength to strength, showcasing daily live events and DJ sets across the world from some of the best underground Deep & Soulful House DJs.

Come down and check out the musical madness that has these two DJs uniting at every given opportunity to party together. The summer season is warming up!

Paradise Musik DJ´s:

“My main objective when i play is to take the crowd on a intense journey through sound, creating a special experience they can take home with them… always looking to play futuristic music with unique sounds & fx in my sets .. as i seek to innovate and inspire the crowd”. – DJ Karma

“Like everyone around me at the time, I played the recorder in primary school but I also learnt clarinet and sax from age 12. A friend of mine got a set of turntables when we were 16 and basically my friends and I spent all our time round his house mixing and outmixing each other…happy days”… – DJ Tito Pulpo

For more information on the Paradise Musik event, please call: +34 600 882 902 or email:

OH Yoko

Marbella Port, L.50




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