Photography Exhibition by Johan Wahlstrom in Malaga

Swedish artist, Johan Wahlstrom, will be exhibiting his photography in Malaga until November 18th.

“Johan Wahlstrom, a spontaneous and emotional storyteller”

Johan Wahlstrom lives in Marbella surrounded by mountains overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

An accomplished artist and contributor to the contemporary art world, Johan uses his unique hand to express strength and emotion using the surrounding Spanish light, intense colours and his memories of French villages where he lived for 7 years. He says that his main influence in Spain is probably the colour as there is an abundance of orange, blue and light brown coming through nature and for a photographer and artist, the light in Southern Spain is excellent.

Johan received an informal education in the art of observation, apprenticeship, and experience. He began as a musician and his ambition led him to drop out of high school. Music is still very much a passion in Johan´s life.

He was also raised observing the artistic talents of his mother, Ellen Tode, his grandmother, Sigrid Tode, and Waldemar Tode, his grandmother’s uncle, who is part of the National Museum of Art in Stockholm, Sweden.

Passionate about the world we live in which he captures through his photography and paintings, Johan says “we cannot continue to destroy mother earth at the current speed, we need to leave something for generations to come.” “We are polluting the planet to death,” he says. Johan desires being able to “paint where my paintings communicate about issues that are so unfair today.” and aims to be “one of hopefully many that makes a friendly revolution.”

Johan Wahlstrom exhibition details:

Comandante Benitez, 7


For more information, please call: +34 952 221 794 or visit his website:

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