Polo House Marbella presents Yanela Brooks Live in Concert

Polo House in Marbella presents Disco Diva, Yanela Brooks, on the 28th of July.

Yanela Brooks has been baptized the Diva of Disco by her fans on the Costa del Sol..

Born in Cuba in 1981, it is no surprise that Yanela Brooks comes from a family of musicians.

At the young age of 7, Yanela began her piano career by attending the Samuel Manuel’s Music Conservatory for 7 years, after which she joined the Art School in Cuba at the age of 15 years old where she specialised in Chorale Direction for another 4 years.

With her band “Yanela y las chicas del sabor” she performed at numerous prestigious events, also sharing the stage with great Cuban orchestras such as “Van Van”, “La Charanga Habanera”, “NG la Banda”, Manolito Simonet y Pablo Magnets.

In 2000, Yanela decided to continue her career alone and recorded her first LP entitled “Tu eres libre” with the French Record Company, Pastel Productions, which reached the top spot in the charts in the French islands.

As a result of this big success, the doors were opened for her in the Spanish capital, performing on the best stages in Spain, re-affirming her as a reference for artists of her generation.

She also had a role in the Spanish feature film “Tango” alongside actors as Antonio Resines, Ana Fernandez and Jorge Perrugorria. As well as acting, Yanela also composed the music to the soundtrack of the film “Tu no eres nada.”

Going back to music, from the beginning, Yanela Brooks had a fascination with Jazz which eventually led her to Marbella in 2000. It is here that she now continues to delight her audiences with classic soul, disco, rock and Latin music.

To reserve your table for the Yanela Brooks show, please call: +34 952 900 380


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