Powerful Heart Energy Workshop

for_web_correct February is the month of Valentines, so in this workshop we will focus on our powerful heart chakra. The heart chakra energy resonates with unconditional love and this centre of our body is the key to improving and healing our lives.

With strongly developed heart energy, we are able to release old grudges, forgive injuries, and reach out with compassion from a place of harmony within ourselves. Allow us to take you on a journey of meditation, high into the universe and deep inside yourself with science and motivation from Dr. Susan Phoenix, magical sounds from Christine Heckel’s singing bowls and Gratitude Art’s latest inspirations.

Come and join us… Join us on the 4th of February 2012 at 10amin the Miraflores Resort.

What: A fantastic powerful Heart Energy workshop organised by gratitudeart.com presenting Dr. Susan Phoenix and Christine Heckel. Join us on 4th of February 2012. Where: The beautiful Miraflores Resort on the Costa del Sol. www.miraflores.com

When: On Saturday 4th of February 2012 from 10am to 5pm.
Price: 60 € for a full day’s workshop including refreshments.

How to book: Easy online booking on: www.gratitudeart.comOr call: 951 712 258 or 600 659 063

Early booking recommended to ensure your space on this Energy Shifting Event.

All Guided Meditations are accompanied by Christine Heckel’s POWERFUL Tibetan Singing Bowls

Dr. Susan Phoenix (PhD; BSc(hons.); Css)Healer, author, intuitive, aura photographer and Doctor of Psychology. As an ex military nurse, she campaigned for sign language in deaf education in Northern Ireland and gained a reputation for her down-to-earth approach to communication. The death of her husband became the catalyst for intensive research into complementary therapies to treat depression. Her dream is for people to access their own soul’s healing power as they learn to interact with other dimensions in safety and peace, without chemical props.Christine

Heckel Christine decided to work in the health improvement and consultation sector, after senior positions in the corporate world. She specialised in relaxation techniques as many people consulted her on how to deal with everyday stress. She is a Light Worker, Sound Relaxation Coach using Tibetan singing bowls, Reiki Master and Teacher and practises Johrei – the Okada Purifying Therapy, as well as working with Energy Psychology to encourage relaxation, harmony and energy flow. Her particular interest is working with Tibetan singing bowls in both individual therapies and group sessions.

Aura photography, Gratitude Art and Tibetan Singing bowl are available on the day. Gratitude Art is a collection of reminders encouraging you to stay focused and be grateful in your everyday life, allowing you to shift your energy and transform your life.


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