Raindrop Workshop

On the 10th of September from 11am until 3pm, a Raindrop Workshop will be taking place in San Pedro de Alcantara.

What is The Raindrop Technique?

Raindrop Technique originated in the 1980’s from the research of D. Gary Young working with a Lakota medicine man named Wallace Black Elk. It is a powerful non-invasive modality delivering nine incredible therapeutic-grade essential oils to the most important parts of the body. Raindrop integrates the art of aromatherapy and vita flex “vitality of the reflexes” to bring the body back into structural and electrical alignment.

The Benefits of the Raindrop Technique

Restores Physical, Mental and Emotional Balance

Improves spinal alignment issues – Raindrop has helped bring relief to chronic pain sufferers and has produced visible improvement in scoliosis. Often many types of spinal problems and misalignments are caused by bacteria and viruses hibernating along the length of the spine. The use of essential oils helps to dispose of these viruses within the spine, helping its structure return to normal. It has eliminated the need for back surgery for hundreds of people.

Helps systemic ailments

Enhances immunity such as viral infections

Cleanses the body of toxins

Relieves inflammation and pain

Unwinds tight and sore muscles, tendons, and ligaments

Balances and harmonizes the energy and structural systems of the body

Soothes the nervous system

Produces deep relaxation

Facilitates the release of stubborn emotions

Relieves headaches

Boosts stamina & increases energy

Promotes overall health, vitality & longevity

The workshop costs 25 euros per person which includes light refreshments. This is a hands on workshop so clients will receive and give a treatment.

For more information on the Raindrop Workshop, please email: michellejulianyoungliving@gmail.com

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