Re-enactment of the French Invasion at Algodonales

From April 30th to May 2nd, the village of Algodonales will be re-enacting the French invasion! In the 19th century, the village resisted an invasion of Napoleonic French troops. This heroism earned Algodonales its official township in 1817. The re-enactment of the invasion is not to be missed!

And if you fancy making a long weekend of it, the beautiful El Lago Hotel and Restaurant situated close by, is celebrating Spring with a 3 day weekend from Thursday the 28th April to Tuesday 2nd May.

Choose any 3 days between those dates and the price is only 250 euros with B&B and afternoon tea in one of the stunning lake view rooms!

Coverage of the Royal Wedding in the Bar is on April 29th!


Algodonales is a town from the North Eastern side of Cadiz province, not far from Malaga. With a current population of about 5,800, this beautiful town is fortunate to be on the route of Guadelete river while sitting on the foot of the Lijar mountains. Over the centuries, Algodonales has survived as a dominant agricultural industry, with its rich fields ideal for the cultivation of apple and olive trees.

The town of Algodonales is of Roman origin, as validated by the ancient Roman ruins found in the Cerro de la Botinera or Botinera Hill. Evidences of life from the Neolithic period have also been found in the caves of Santa, Chamusquina and Castillejo.

In the middle ages, this town was a monastic refuge, independent of its neighbouring town of Zahara.

To book Al Lago hotel, please call: +34 956 123 032 or email:

Al Lago
Zahara de la Sierra
(25 minutes from Ronda)

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