Re-Enactment of the Independence War in Mijas

The Town Hall of Mijas, in collaboration with the association Peña Santana and the Historic and Cultural Association Torrijos 1831, will be carrying out a re-enactment of the Independence War in Mijas that took place from 1810 to 1812.

The event will take place in the Barrio Santana where the villagers dressed in costume with horses will carry out a re-enactment.

The program starts on Saturday the 22nd of October at the Folk Museum (old Town Hall) in Mijas village at 8pm:

Saturday 22nd of October:

News arrives to Mijas that the French army is near the village of Mijas.

The bells of the church warn the villagers who gather at the doors of the old Town Hall.

A rider of the Fixed Regiment of Malaga brings a letter from the Military Governor, in which he informs the Mayor of Mijas that Malaga has been taken.

From the balcony of the old Town Hall the Mayor gives a speech informing of the situation.

Straight away the municipal authorities go to the Constitution square where they celebrate their last day of liberty.

Sunday 23rd of October at 12 noon at the Constitution square:

A typical day at the market in Mijas 1810.

The occupation of the village by the French troops and the lecture of the Public Notice.

Repression against the villagers of Mijas.

Performance of the mounted “Guerilla” of Mijas.

Memory and execution of the patriots of Quero Blanc and Garcia Moreno.


Liberation of Mijas by the troops of General Ballesteros.

This is a very unique event and is worth while coming up to Mijas village to watch or even take part in the re-enactment. The two associations encourage everyone to come in “Torijo” style costume.

For more information, please contact the Tourist Office in Mijas: +34 952 58 90 34.

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