Take Control of Your Health – 1 Day Seminar

MG_1778Just Imagine …being in control of your health… Internationally respected Pioneers in the field of Healthcare Michael O Doherty and Tom Griffin comes to Spain.

FEAR, WORRY AND ANXIETY if left unchecked, can wreak havoc upon our health. Learning how to effectively manage and transform this stress can mean the difference between being in control and full of life, having hope or having a weakened immune system resulting in illness.

A one day Healthcare and Educational Programme providing you with skills to transform stress into vitality, health and creativity will take place on Saturday 4th February , 2012 at 10.30-5.00 at the Kempinski Hotel, Estepona.

This one-day programme will teach leading edge skills enabling you to work with the energy system of your own body, understand the importance of diet and exercise for emotional wellbeing and learn to use your mind to create a future you deserve.

You will also be given the opportunity to develop a career in one of the most exciting and Integrated Healthcare Systems available in the world today.

Topics to be discussed on the day.

1. Tom and Michaels Journey ( History of the Plexus Healthcare System )
2. The cause of Illness
3. Understanding the body from an Energy Perspective
4. Stress and its effects on the body
5. Children’s Healthcare (Learning and Behavioural difficulties)
6. Emotional Health
7. Therapist Training Information
8. Family Healthcare
9. Foods to Beat Stress with nutritionist Claudia Norris

For more Information contact Gillian at gillianmcclafferty@gmail.com – 0034 664 561 773 and visit www.justimagine.ie

Entry Fee 50 Euro each.


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