The GAA Charity Pool Tournament in Puerto Banus

Gordon Loughnane from Tipperary is holding a pool tournament for the local GAA football team on Wednesday August 10th in his bar on the 2nd Line in Puerto Banus. The bar is called Loughnanes and there are Irish sign posts outside its doors, so it´s easy to find. The tournament will be starting at 9pm sharp so please make sure you arrive on time.

The GAA:

The local GAA football team, the Costa Gaels, held a summer camp for children in Ojen this year and last, which the Club funds. In order to continue to fund such projects and assist with out-of-pocket expenses, it plans on running an on-going pool league, which will be starting on Wednesday. Those involved are all volunteers with a love of Gaelic football.

The tournament format is a 2-person team which can be either 2 women / 2 men or mixed doubles. The entry fee is €25 per person. Spectators are also welcome!

The GAA is a volunteer organisation that develops and promotes Gaelic games at the core of Irish identity and culture. They are dedicated to ensuring that the games, and the values we live, enrich the lives of their members, families and the local communities.

“The GAA is a community based volunteer organisation promoting Gaelic games, culture and lifelong participation”.

For more information on The GAA, please contact Gordon by calling: +34 664 246 054 or email:

Loughnanes Bar
2nd Line
Puerto Banus

For more details on The GAA and their history and missions, please visit the website:


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