Flamenco & Rock Artist Kiko Veneno performs in Malaga

Kiko Veneno, the Flamenco Rock Artist will be performing live in concert at the Sala Vivero in Malaga on January 7th at 10pm.

Nobody has mixed the southern sounds of flamenco rhythms with pop and rock like Kiko Veneno. His style has been imitated a thousand times but never been improved on.

About Kiko Veneno:

Brought up in a military home in Figueres and growing up in Cadiz, Kiko finally settled down in Seville. He got the nickname Kiko at university where he studied History and Philosophy. After graduating, Kiko travelled through Europe and the US where he attended concerts of artists such as Frank Zappa, and Bob Dylan who went on to influence his style whilst rediscovering Flamenco at the same time.

In 1975 he formed the group Veneno with brothers Rafael and Raimundo Amador and in 1977 they produced the  album Veneno produced by Ricardo Pachon. Although not a great hit at the time it is now considered a classic album in Spain.

In 1992 he signed to BMG-Ariola and released his albums Échate un cantecito (1992) and Está muy bien eso del cariño, both produced by Joe Dworniak. The first album produced several hits like “En Un Mercedes Blanco” and “Joselito”.

In 1999 Kiko Veneno toured Argentina and performed a series of concerts which were a critical success. After three more records Kiko ended his contract with Ariola and went on to produce his own music.

To purchase tickets for the Kiko Veneno Concert and for more information, please call: +34629 841 656

Sala Vivero
Poligono La Estrella
Calle Parauta, 25c
29600 Malaga


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