International Jazz Festival Marbella July 2010

Jazz FestivalSuccessful singer Diana Navarro, originally from Malaga, will open the first International Music and Jazz Festival in Marbella.

Music from all over the world will be brought together, mixing influences from the flamenco, saeta, pop and folk genres to create a truly international jazz representation.

Other acts will include Almería Chico & Gypsies, Admal Jamal, Elis Eliane, the Al Benson Band, Blues Brothers Tribute and the F. Sinatra Band. Concerts will take place from 20th to 26th July at 9 p.m. in the Estadio Municipal.

This is, in fact, a part of series of musical events planned for 2010 to boost the image of Marbella. In addition to the International Jazz Festival, there will be the First International Country Music Festival in August and then the European Festival of Magic in December.

Ticket prices vary according to the artist and are available at the websites listed below: and

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