Marbella event: A talk on ‘women in cinema’

Sara Rome

This week, the Town Hall of Marbella through the Municipal delegation of Culture and Education has organised a talk on cinema titled “Perverse, ugly, evil and seductive (or Perversas, feas, malvadas y seductoras) women in Cinema” by Sara Rome, PhD in Audiovisual Communication.

The chat show will first take place in the District of Las Chapas on Tuesday (March 23rd), at 19.00 and then the next day on March 24th, at the same hour, in the Foundation District Banús Nueva Andalucía.

Core emphasis of the seminar will be on the emergence of women in American cinema with darker characterisation away from the conventional portrayal of masculine men as elements of horror.

Throughout the thirties and forties, men only dominated the scene as far as horrific personality is concerned in various roles such as a private detective, the corrupt police officer, the gangster or the proprietor of a night club. But with time, the character portrayal changed dramatically to femme fatale.

Actresses like Bette Davis and Lana Turner changed the whole filmmaking style with strong personality, very attractive and sexually provocative images. They became popular with their forceful and intense style. Numerous characters played by different actresses created horror on the scenes through a mixture of malice and strong sexuality that frightens men, but that ultimately attracts them irresistibly.

Sara Rome, who lives in Marbella, will discuss on the evolution of cinema and how such personation of women broke the jinx of conventional powerful male characters in films. She has a PhD in Audiovisual Communication at the School of Communication Sciences of Malaga, with a thesis on “The characterization of characters in the classic horror film.” With her knowledge and study on cinemas, she will discuss on how femme fatale represents a changing social norms and morals.

As a specialist in horror films, Sara regularly collaborates with various media houses and gives lectures and presentations nationally. She is also a member of the Spanish Association of Historians of Cinema and the Association of Historical Studies on Women. For more information about Sara Rome and details about her research works, you may visit her official website dedicated to horror movies:

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