Toys of the Avant-Garde Exhibition

Toys of the Avant-Garde exhibition will be taking place at the Museo Picasso in Malaga until January 4th.

The exhibition will feature more than 200 toys that have been created by almost 60 artists such as Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, Joan Miró, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alexander Rodchenko, Bruno Munari, El Lissitzky and Joaquin Torres-Garcia and others.

The different forms of these toys come from sculptures, theatre, photography, design, literature and film which are designed to enhance the imagination of children to the fullest.

Also featuring in the exhibition you will find puppets, dolls, games, furniture and the fabulous and detailed miniature scenes.

A bit of History about Toys:

Toys as a “money-making machine” did not begin until after the 1830’s, when steamboats and steam trains improved the transportation and distribution of manufactured goods. The early toymakers used wood, tin, or cast iron to create horses, soldiers, wagons, and other simple toys. Charles Goodyear’s method for “vulcanizing” rubber created another medium for manufacturing balls, dolls, and squeeze toys.

Once upon a time, toys simply reflected everyday life and activities. Today, toys create new ways of living and teach us to adapt to changing technologies in the future.

In the early 1980’s handheld games were produced such as Nintendo, a Japanese electronics company moving the world into the video game market along with home computers that created another market for games that were versatile, action packed and full of challenges.

Toys and games have been a source of entertainment as early as 4000 B.C. The people of Babylon played a game that became what we now know as chess and in 3000 B.C., a game much like today’s backgammon was played. Games resembling backgammon have been played for centuries in Rome, Greece and Egypt.

In 1000 B.C., kites became popular in China, however, it is possible that kites have been flown since before history began to be recorded. In 1890, Australian Lawrence Hargrave invented the first three-dimensional kite and at around the same time, Egyptian children played with yo-yo´s – made of stone!

For more details on Toys of the Avant-Garde Exhibition, please visit:

Museo Picasso de Málaga
Palacio de Buenavista c/ San Agustín, 8
29015 Málaga

+34 902 443 377

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