Marbella Poligono Art Festival 2010

Poligono Art Festival 2010 is taking place from the 27th to 28th November in Marbella. The festival starts at 11am and ends at 11pm with free entrance.

What is the Poligono Art Festival?

The Poligono Art Festival is a festival of art, music and food: 3 creative activities that combine perfectly for a weekend of fun and entertainment.

Following in the footsteps of the famous Factory 798 in Beijing, the Meatpacking District in New York and the Miami Design District, the Poligono Art Festival helps the industrial area of Marbella to become a modern and cultural centre of buzzing creativity.

With Marbella having the advantage of close proximity to the downtown area of industrial and large commercial spaces from the 80’s, this area is highly valued by the international art community making it a perfect location for performances and show-cases.

After months of renovation, the Poligono Gallery opened its doors in August 2009. The gallery focuses on contemporary Asian art, with a special emphasis on contemporary Chinese art. Forthcoming exhibitions will include contemporary art, Southeast Asian and European art and contemporary photography.

The Poligono Art Festival will present a selection of Spanish and international artists. Following the concept of Affordable Art Fairs, the festival will present quality works selected by a committee of professionals at an affordable price. The maximum price of each work will not exceed €3.000 which gives the opportunity for local artists to achieve greater visibility to showcase their work.

Adding to the artistic mood, live music takes place in the streets of the estate during the festival, creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere with food stalls from different backgrounds and nationalities completing the weekend.

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