Los Peperetes Pulpo – Galician Octopus

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This premium ‘Pulpo Los Peperetes’ Octopus in Olive Oil is very much popular in northern Spain. There are indeed many varieties of Spanish food you may find in the costal belt of Spain, but this special octopus is especially found in Galicia.

In the Galician region, you will find restaurants called ‘Pulperias’ where you will only find some of the finest octopus dishes. Los Peperetes is perfectly cooked and it holds the typical flavour of the finest pulpo recipes.

The secret to perfect pulpo is that it is cooked to the point of being tender without becoming over-done and too soft. ‘Los Peperetes’ has accomplished this near impossible task.

We recommend warming the can in water in a saucepan before opening – just enough to warm the contents but not to cook them! Then serve them sprinkled with smoked pimenton and crusty bread.

Los Peperetes Preparation Method

The preparation of these famous pulpo from Galicia is quite elaborate. First, they are tenderized for ten to fifteen minutes, in order to make them tasty and delectable. Next they are washed thoroughly in fresh seawater before being soaked in boiling water with slices of onion.

After they cool, ‘Los Peperetes’ slices them into bite-sized pieces that are placed in the tin by hand and topped with an olive oil marinade. This pulpo Los Peperetes  is delightfully tender and firm. All natural, with just octopus, olive oil, and salt.

  • Meticulously produced in the traditional fashion
  • Preserved in quality olive oil
  • All natural ingredients