Almond Stuffed Olives by Ybarra

Traditionally sold in jars and cans, olives have always been a major component of the gastronomy along the Mediterranean. It’s the processing method, the region where they are cultivated, and the olive variety which sets the uniqueness from one to other.

Other than whole olives, stuffed olives are available everywhere in Spain and other regions of Europe. Stuffed with either peppers, garlic or almonds, olives are served with alcoholic beverages as appetizers.

Ybarra’s Almond stuffed Olives

  • Stuffed with savory blend of almond paste
  • Large, plump and packed with flavor
  • Made by Ybarra, the brand standard of commercial olives

The almond stuffed olives by Ybarra are very popular in the Spanish olive market. Rather than just inserting a sliver of almond into a plump Manzanilla olive, Ybarra uses a classic blend of almond paste from Andalucia.

Produced by the eminent Hijos de Ybarra company, the rich flavoured almond stuffed olives is an interesting addition to an hors d’ouvre tray, along with crisp potato chips.

Originally founded in 1842 by the first Count of Ybarra, Don Jose Maria de Ybarra y Gutierrez de Coviedes, it remains in the family’s hands six generations later. And the Manzanilla olives stuffed with classic almond paste is one of its finest products.


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