Andalusian Natural Roast Coffee

This robust blend of Whole Bean 100% Natural Roast Coffee by Catunambu is considered amongst the best of Andalusia. It’s ubiquitous to find quality coffee in Spain and having a cup or two daily is a Spanish ritual.

In fact, usually it’s the Torrefacto process of roasting, which makes Spanish coffee different from others. Catunambu feels that great coffee is created from a combination of the very best coffee beans available and careful roasting.

In the process, they blend different varieties of beans from the very best coffee regions in the world to bring out a very unique flavour and aroma. Roasted using artisan methods with high quality beans, Catunambu’s coffee blend is unsurpassed.

This particular whole bean coffee blend is made with 100% natural roast beans from South America and Africa. Grind and brew it at home for a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee.

If you prefer a less bitter yet still robust taste like you would enjoy in Spain, blend it to taste with our ground torrefacto mixed coffee.

Catunambu Coffee

• 100% natural roast
• Full-bodied and flavorful
• Vacuum packed
This coffee is vacuum packaged with a patented “Goglio Valve” to seal in the freshness and to guarantee that it reaches the customer at the peak of aroma and flavour.

Based in Sevilla and founded by Juan Ferrer over a hundred years ago, Catunambu is rightly termed as the coffee of Andalusia.
For decades Spaniards have enjoyed Catunambu coffee at their cafés throughout Sevilla and now you can enjoy this taste of Andalusia in your own home!


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