Atun Claro – Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil

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Item Code: E-SE-02
Appx Weight: 8.8 oz / 250 gr
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Yellowfin, a high-quality tuna, is a favourite seafood in Spain. This particular “Atun Claro” tuna is great in salads or on sandwiches. This premium one is hand packed and marked with grades to score its authenticity.

Ortiz use only yellowfin and bonito and both are of top grade tunas. Although the later is considered the finest one, the former contains more a moisture texture with a little more strong flavour as compared any other variety.

The use of olive oil preserves the tuna’s highly prized flavour which is evident when served in tuna salad or sandwich. In Spain this delicious all-natural product would be used as the centrepiece of a crisp salad (ensalada mixta con atun).

Registered under the Institute of International Marine Mammal (a project of Earth Island), Ortiz is the approved supplier for dolphin-safe tuna.  As said, yellowfin is the second best quality tuna after ‘bonito’, and this packed tuna is of extremely high-quality.

  • Line-caught and hand-packed
  • Moister texture and richer flavor than albacore tuna
  • Great in salads or on sandwiches