‘Bonito del Norte’ Tuna in Olive Oil

This finest quality Bonito tuna by Lorea Gourmet is line-caught and hand-packed. Preserved in quality olive oil, ‘Bonito del Norte’ is available in market for all discern tuna lovers.

Bonito del Norte is considered by Spaniards to be the finest of tunas. Each tuna is line caught by hand, preserving the texture and flavor that can be damaged by the stress of harvesting by net.

This dolphin-safe tuna is packed with quality Spanish olive oil that keeps it moist and flavorful. It is great in salads or on sandwiches, as well as a stuffing for piquillo peppers.

Bonito is a far cry from the water-packed tuna you get at the supermarket. Warning: Once you experience the smooth taste of bonito, you may never buy another tin of ordinary tuna!

Coleman Andrew, the Editor-in Chief of “Saveur Magazine”, writes that Bonito tuna is “one of the great gastronomic pleasures of everyday life.”

Bonito tuna – culinary distinction

Tuna is considered as one of the staples of Mediterranean diet, but to bring the finest tuna products, it involves a careful cooking and packaging process which is mostly traditional. This particular ‘Bonito’ tuna, hand-packed by Lorea Gourme, is ideal for preparing snacks, toast and kebabs.

  • Line-caught and hand-packed
  • Preserved in quality olive oil
  • Moist and silky texture
  • The finest of tunas!