Bonito Tuna in Olive Oil

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This premium tuna fish, preserved in quality olive oil, from the celebrated fishing village of Burela in Galicia, is one of the finest seafood varieties available in average Spaniard kitchen.

It’s the environmental friendly traditional harvesting method by net which keeps intact the quality of tuna. Each tuna is line caught, preserving the texture and flavour, and then cooked in seawater before packed by hand in olive oil.

Gastronomes consider the bonito del norte of Burela in Galicia to be the finest of the finest tuna, available from this part of Spain. Each tin is topped off with olive oil to preserve its delicate and moist flavour.

Quality of Bonito Tuna

  • Line-caught and hand-packed
  • Preserved in quality olive oil
  • Moist and silky texture
  • Continuing an ancient Galician fishing tradition

Settled in the pre-Roman times, the ancient Galician fishing village of Burela is located to the north of the walled city of Lugo on the coast of the Cantabrian Sea. For centuries it has been known in Spain for its unique Bonito del Norte.

This tender and delicately flavour white Tuna is the greatest prize of their fishing fleet. The sub-variety Bonito, recognised by its small dorsal fin, has fewer bones than any other tunas.

All in all it’s the use of extra virgin olive oil, which helps keep the Bonito tuna moist and flavourful.