Castilian Roasted Suckling Lamb

This Traditional Castilian specialty suckling lamb (Cordero Lechal) is very common in Spain’s best restaurants. Considered as traditional Christmas food in Europe, this delicate and tasty young lamb, less than thirty days old, stands out above the rest of dishes.

This suckling lamb has been roasted and vacuum-packaged by the gourmet distributor Cascajares, so that you may enjoy this iconic dish at your own table. This is so tender that you can easily cut on a plate.

The package available in the market contains two quarters of suckling lamb free-range lamb – milk-fed, the front and rear, and two packets of its own roasting juice. This is indeed the finest in all of Spain.

Castilla and Leon – The place for suckling lamb

For centuries, Spain’s community of Castilla and Leon has relied upon sheep farming for a substantial portion of its economy. Shepherds tracked their herds across large common grazing grounds, known as mestas, well before the Romans marched through the Iberian peninsula, and their successful production of wool, milk, meat and cheese would create one of Europe’s most powerful agricultural guilds.

Today, farmers continue this legacy by providing traditional sheep-derived specialties coveted across Spain. Each lamb is raised exclusively on the milk of its free-range mother, and is less than 30 days old, for the most authentic Suckling Lamb you can buy. We are proud to work with Cascajares to bring you the traditional flavours of Castilla and Leon.

Roasted Suckling Lamb recipe

Remove the pieces and drain well, cleaning the surrounding fat. Preheat oven to 190º.

Place the pieces on a tray on oven rack halfway up, with another tray underneath to collect the excess fat. Bake for 20 minutes. We recommend heating the juice in the microwave (30 seconds per bag) and adding it to the lamb once it is done.

The temperature and roasting time for suckling lamb may vary depending on the oven.


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