Cinco Jotas Sliced Paleta Iberico

Paleta Iberico is the cured shoulder of the finest quality acorn fed Iberico pigs. These prepared slices of Cinco Jotas Paleta Iberico de Bellota provide a 3.5 oz sampling of one of the world’s most coveted pork products.

The paleta, or shoulder, of the Cinco Jotas Iberico de Bellota is slightly leaner than the ham, with a little more concentrated flavour. If served at room temperature, these exquisitely tender, acorn-infused paleta Iberico literally melts in your mouth!

Curing of Paleta Iberico

Cinco Jotas uses only 100% Cerdo Iberico pigs, also called cerdo negro or black pig, unlike virtually all other producers of jamon and Paleta Iberico who have bred these pigs with the Duroc variety.

This ancient breed of pig Cerdo Iberico is only found in the Iberian Peninsula. These lucky pigs spend much of their lives roaming the Dehesa woodlands of Western Spain, feasting on a diet consisting primarily of acorns (bellota, in Spanish).

It’s their active lifestyle, the acorn-laden diet, and unique weather condition that creates a uniquely marbled ham full of succulent, nutty that is like no other ham in the world!

  • Spain’s premium brand Paleta (Shoulder)
  • 100% Cerdo Iberico
  • Free-range and acorn-fed
  • Sliced by hand

Produced by Sanchez Romero Carvajal, Cinco Jotas is the champion brand of all Iberico de Bellota products, and the standard against which all others are compared.

Located in the town of Jabugo, In fact many people now simply refer to Jamon Iborico as Jabugo, which is the town that Cinco Jotas made famous because of the quality of their Spanish hams!

Your 100 gram package of Paleta Iberico de Bellota is hand sliced and packaged by the skilled craftsmen of Cinco Jotas.


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