Flor de Sal from Cadiz

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Appx Weight: 4.4oz / 150g
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This fluffy, light and pure crystal Mediterranean Sea salt ‘Flor de Sal’ from Cadiz is available in La Tienda online shopping point. Harvested by hand, the salt is of highest quality with flavour to add the right taste to your meals.

This artisan product is considered the most versatile of the Especias del Sol selections and a must one to be served with your meals. Its lightness makes it perfect to season popcorn.

Especias del Sol Collection comes from a traditional family company who are in this business since 1878. Owners Jose Manuel and Mercedes harvest salts from the Mediterranean Sea, just the same way as people of the region have been doing for thousands of years.

Flor de Sal goes well with seasoning of fresh vegetable and egg dishes. Laden with minerals from the sea, it provides a special saltiness of the sea.

Pure Spanish Sea Salt – Flor de Sal

  • Premium salt from the Mediterranean Sea
  • Versatile seasoning for fresh vegetables and egg dishes
  • Clear glass corked jars for spice shelf or table

To create this classic Flor de Sal, bubbling surf is captured in designated ponds under the bright, warm Spanish sunshine. And as fresh seawater evaporates, this “flor” is then carefully harvested by hand, without touching the sands below.

Flor de Sal is then placed in clear class jars with natural cork tops. This light sea salt from Spain is perfect for your counter, spice shelf or table!